22 Sep 2017, 13:23

Where to Purchase Flex Tape?


Flex Tape rubberized, waterproof tape comes with a glue that the company creates a seal and maintains grips on.

The waterproof tape may be used on nearly any material, such as PVC. Additionally, it works under water and may be applied cold or hot.

Whether you will need to fix a roof in the middle of a storm, an inflatable pool, a pipe, or a pool or spa without draining it, the company of this implies product claims to supply a solution.

But does it? Is ths tape after arriving on your doorstep, another item that looks great but will disappoint you? We have compiled what we heard during our study, so you don’t need to waste money and your time .

How to Use Flex Tape: Are There Any Surfaces It Is Not Acceptable For?

Four measures are worked over by the Method:

Step 1: Using a pair of scissors or a razor blade, cut into the size that is desired.

Step 2: Remove the backing, which will expose the tape’s adhesive.

Step 3: On a surface that is clean, use while pressing down and eliminating any air pockets or bubbles. It can’t be repositioned once applied.

Step 4 the bond is only going to get stronger.

While this product is helpful for various different surfaces, the manufacturer notes that it siliconized may not adhere to materials or water repellent surfaces; porous surfaces surfaces which are dirty, oily or greasy, and some cloths.

The adhesive reduce its grip at temperatures exceeding 200 F and can become, so it is not for use around motors. Due to the high pressure you can not use Flex Tape on bicycle or car tires.

It’s important to point out that bond shouldn’t be regarded as a solution, and is meant as an emergency fix.

Is Waterproof, Rubberized Tape Common?

We are not told a lot including its thickness from or the material it is made, so we can not know precisely what you will get for the money.

But if you type the term “rubber tape” or “vinyl tape” into any search engine, you will quickly learn that this tape has a seemingly good amount of competition.

Moreover, you will locate length, width, and this competing tape in pretty much every possible colour, so flexibility might be represented by your options.

Pro tip: Remember that what we are discussing here is thick (typically a minimum of 4-6 mil) rubber tape using industrial strength glue. This is in contrast to much thinner, less choices like tape.

From a cost standpoint, competing tape is priced between $10 and $20.

Does Flex Tape Cost?

Offered in white or black, Flex Tape can be purchased in three different size rolls:

4” x 5’: $19.99

8” x 5’: $29.99

12” x 10’: $49.99

Whichever option you choose, you will be billed $9.99 S&H. You could even buy a bonus can of Flex Seal(flexreviews.org), Flex Shot, or Flex Seal Liquid at checkout for an additional $9.99 fee.

All purchases have a 30-day refund policy. Remember this means the fee you pay if you request a refund for the merchandise will be lost.

Customer service can be reached at 844-531-8900 to accomplish this.

Is Flex Tape Your Option?

There appear to be a great deal of instances. This might be true for repairs such as patching a pool fixing an inflatable, or fixing a pipe.

Where using a roster of Flex Tape could be beneficial, in a nutshell, we could think of hundreds of situations.

In the long run, however, we are not so much worried about Flex Tape’s usability or functionality, as we are about the amount of value it will provide since you might want to take a peek to find various sized bits of vinyl tape in the neighborhood hardware store, frequently for meaningfully less than Flex Tape.

To add to this it’s our opinion you might want to explore buying this item or similar ones at a local shop if you are unsatisfied to have a return procedure.

Ultimately, other goods in the Flex lineup, such as Seal, Shot, and Liquid include 2-star average ratings or reduced from HighYa readers, who often complained that they did not deliver on their promises (or if they did, that they soon ceased working). Many complained that they were charged more than anticipated.

The fantastic thing is that if you are dead-set about placing an order for the bond, the manufacturer appears to stand behind it. Just watch out for those fees, as stated before, however!